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The shopkeepers on Newport cigarettes saved tips

Probably the preservation method of the Newport cigarette is an eternal topic, the cigarette only keeps good, can keep the flavor of the same, the quality is also better. A lot of people should know the preservation of these cheap Newport cigarettes, especially those who own the shop owner. Now let's take a look at one of the shop owners and talk about how to save wholesale Newport cigarettes when the weather is hot and the rainy season increases.

In hot weather, Newport cigarettes are easily affected by environment and temperature change and change, taste not so refreshing, it makes me think of a peer friends experience; In summer, the weather is a kind of a day, his family's store in the first floor, usually save the smoke to be safe, he put cigarette is placed in the storage room on the second floor, each take upstairs, Buy Newport cigarettes are used plastic pack is stored. These days there have customers coming back reaction of my friends sell cigarettes taste errors, smoking feel than ever choke, doubt that my friend sell Fake cigarettes?My friend tried to explain, the discount Newport cigarettes from the tobacco companies are uniform distribution of the smoke never left the store, but where's the fake cigarettes?They all cannot find a reason, let the tobacco company's staff to identify, the ultimate cause is improper store cigarette storage, Newport cigarette storage time is too long, together with continuous hot weather, cigarette can not be long-term in the dense airtight plastic bag preservation, it will need to in a cool ventilated and dry place to save, try to keep advanced first out, so as to avoid long time cigarette deteriorate, taste change.But when the rainy season comes, the cigarette is most afraid of wet, the cigarette storage is more careful. Do not put the cheap Newport Menthol cigarettes directly in the corner of the store, especially in the corner, etc., these places are most likely to make the cigarette damp.

Especially in some rural areas, due to the relatively narrow store, usually put a Newport cigarette in carton storage, often take sell often take the way, due to the sales volume is not large, set the amount of cigarettes is not much, did not pay attention to the details, some high priced cigarettes not sell in a timely manner, will meet rainy season will also accelerate the cigarette of metamorphism, sour. We can put some high-grade Newport cigarettes online, go not soon cigarettes take special storage, can take some moisture foam insulation box, put the cigarette store, heat preservation box the box cover do not have to seal, can be implemented while selling the preservation method.In every year, the new year, some local brands of cigarettes, tobacco companies in order to repay the old and new retail households, there are promotional activities for cigarettes. At this time some of the large number of retail customers to buy Newport cigarettes, some cheap Newport menthol cigarettes are often not very sales, we can also be divided into batches of cigarettes for storage. Before the rainy season, the cigarette is stored in the higher ground, cover the quilt for storage is also a good way.

In short, to maintain a good quality of Newport cigarettes, cheap Newport cigarettes must be kept in mind, can not wait for a change in the quality of Newport cigarettes and then find the reason, it is too late, as the end of sales, we should always remind ourselves.

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