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Students smokers make people worry

If your child is still a minor, still reading, it begins to smoke Marlboro Cigarettes, what would you feel,I think as a parent, my heart will be very sad, but in the present society, this phenomenon is very common.

A lady told reporters,Her family lived in a middle school in the vicinity, work every day just in time to catch the students home from school, often can see a lot of junior high school students with a bag on his back and lit a cheap Marlboro cigarette,"These students, just out of the school gate to smoking cheap Marlboro gold cigarettes, is really too furious!" she said. After the reporter learned that the matter, came to this high school. Reporters arrived at the school gate just in time for the school day, a large number of students rushed out of the school gate middle school students smoke everywhere. Middle school students smoking in the end how to stop it? Do students really have so much smoke addiction? Reporters with questions to find the school a counselor, counselors told reporters, the school management system has always been very strict, is strictly prohibited to students to smoke. If you catch a smoker, you will be punished. "As a teacher, we are also very helpless, in the school has a teacher staring at the students not to smoke. But it's hard to say, after school, when students are out of school and out of our range of regulation!" The instructor said helplessly. Reporters came to the school next to several shops, found wholesale Marlboro cigarettes area are hung with "to prohibit the sale to minors alcohol" prompt card. One shop owner said: "we in the school shop for several years and never to sell students had alcohol and tobacco, the shop installed monitor, school teachers and administrative department for Industry and Commerce will also from time to time to shop inspection, students did not dare to buy." Reporter for this, interviewed the third grade school of a teacher in charge, he told reporters that now students in this stage is in adolescence, out of curiosity, not really addicted to smoking for a large part of the smoke. "A lot of guys are affected by the outside world or their family. It's a cool thing to think of smoking." The teacher said. Reporters learned on the Internet, China's smokers more than 300 million people, in this huge group, the growing ranks of minors. A survey shows that 19.9% of junior high school students in China have tried smoking, 6.9% of junior high school students are still using tobacco products.

This is why? The phenomenon of students to smoke so serious, this is because we lack of child life and psychological attention, leading to some students feel great pressure to seek stimulation and fresh, with smoking Marlboro red cigarettes to alleviate the pressure to defuse the emotional outside, many parents to a lot of money to children to spend, lack of correct guidance, let children have plenty of spare money, increase students "smokers" reasons. In addition to grasp the study, the future of schools, families, society should be a high degree of attention to the students' physical, psychological, life and other aspects.

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