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Smokers are the highest one day smoking 70 Newport cigarettes

Smokers are the highest one day smoking 70 Newport cigarettes, Secondhand smoke spread

Smoking cheap cigarette is very harmful to the body, and secondhand smoke is more harmful, but in this city, there is one for every two non-smokers to secondhand smoke people were victimized. Spring Festival approaching, visiting friends and relatives to send tobacco are taken for granted customs. This is a very serious problem, we must be timely control.

According to the latest survey, the city of 15 years of age or older, there is one in every two people smoking Newport Menthol cigarettes, the average daily smokers to reach 15.5. 15-69 year old residents smoking rate was 24.1%, of which more than half of male smokers, 51.3%. Female smoking rate was 2.1%. All the smokers in this survey, the average daily smoking amount reached 15.5, up to 70 cigarettes a day. Smoked 20 wholesale Newport 100s cigarettes a day or more accounted for 12.40% of the proportion of smoking population. From the point of view of the age distribution, the older, the higher the smoking rate. 15-24 year old population smoking rate was 13.5%, 25-44 years old crowd smoking rate increased to 20.9%, 45-64 years old crowd smoking rate was 26.1%, 65-69 years old crowd smoking rate is the highest, 27.2%. More serious, half of the non smokers exposed to secondhand smoke, although after years of anti smoking publicity, smokers compared to the previous "consciousness", secondhand smoke exposure situation has improved, these places of secondhand smoke exposure rate decreased from 60.6% to 54.3%, which primary and secondary schools (indoor and outdoor) and at home in secondhand smoke exposure rate declined the most. Although the data has declined, but the situation is still not optimistic. Because in the investigation of non smokers, exposed the proportion of second-hand smoke was 51.6%, including 24.8% of non smokers report their daily exposure to secondhand smoke, can see that people are forced to breathe secondhand smoke is still very serious. In such a serious smoking environment, the success rate of smoking cessation is only 12.5%. 41.6% of smokers had quit intentions, of which 7.5% were ready to quit within a month, but still 47.7% of smokers did not want to quit. No matter for what reason quit, quit smoking Cigarettes Online success rate is about 12.5%, that is to say, 10 people quit basically only one person can succeed. If you do not rely on any outside force to help the "quit", the success rate of only 5%. "People who want to quit smoking can actually go to the smoking cessation clinic to seek professional help, so the success rate will be greatly increased.

In this city, a high-speed development of the city, if the problem because smoking cheap Newports affects the health of many people, this will be a very bad effect, positive quitting is the right choice, or go to a special smoking area, be careful not to smoking in public places. The city is good or bad we have to rely on the consciously abide by, only if we work together to build a better future.

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