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Newport Cigarettes smoke is an eye health "chronic killers"

We only know that smoking is very easy to get lung cancer,the serious influence the health of everyone, but have you ever heard people smoke for a long time, or long term passive smoking people, will be very bad for themselves eyes.I think this is we have not thought of before, because all the people only know smoking Cheap Newport Menthol Cigarette has a great influence on the lungs, no one would have thought smoking would have a great effect in the eyes.Now I come to talk about how smoking is affecting the eyes.

We are in the process of smoking,resulting in a major component of smog - acrolein, which is the eye health "chronic killer", which was revealed at the molecular and cellular level causes of age-related macular lesions caused by smoking. According to a survey conducted by the United Nations, around the world each year about 20 million to 25 million people suffering from age-related macular degeneration, which approximately 50% of patients eventually blindness.This illustrates the toxicity of acrolein is worse than the "blood killer" formaldehyde. It is about to attack cells "strategy": start from the energy plant cell - cell mitochondria, cut off the power supply. As soon as the energy supply is reduced, the tissue function of the cell begins to decline, and the disease is followed. Acrolein claws toward the eyes, first by leading photosensitive retinal pigment epithelial cell oxidative damage, lead to mitochondrial function decline, thereby affecting the normal metabolism of various tissues of the eye, gradually causing a variety of age-related macular lesions.This is the effect of wholesale Newport cigarettes smoke on the health of the eyes of the process, you all know it? Maybe Many heavy smokers,when they old,will be very susceptible to this disease, which is caused by long-term smoking. So What about how to prevent the disease?According to the latest study, some nutrients can act as a Mitochondrial "umbrella", such as a certain concentration of nutrients alpha lipoic acid in mitochondria, can play a protective role of retinal pigment epithelial cells. However, the best way to prevent age-related macular or deny smoking and avoid second-hand smoke.

Through this,we all have a new understanding of Newport cigarettes. Buy Newport Cigarette is a real "chronic killer", it can not only affect your lungs slowly, can also slowly affect your eyes. Although, smoke every day, the impact is not obvious, but over time, this is a terrible risk, see these, those heavy smoker who will have a little bit afraid of it? Then you will want to quit it? If I were you, I would exhort the family or the people around you to give up smoking, only in this way can be good for everyone!If you want a healthy body, bright eyes, giving up smoking is the best choice, if you just ask for a moment of happiness, then smoking is also desirable. Life is very long, good maintenance is the truth, so quit smoking cheap Cigarette is the future of health trends.

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