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How clever to sell a limited amount of Marlboro cigarettes?

"Business, some Marlboro cigarettes are limited sales, in the face of this situation, some customers want a lot, if they are sold to him, the other customers can not get. If you don't sell him, the customer's heart may not be happy." I believe many customers have encountered such a problem, we have to look at a retail customers to deal with similar experiences to share, I hope you can learn from here.

"One along with one" to promote sales. Since I started selling cheap Marlboro cigarettes, I have taken this "One along with one" to make sales. The so-called "One along with one" is one of the limited sales of cigarettes to drive other slow-moving cigarettes. At first many customers do not understand, but in the face of their own needs of Marlboro cigarettes online, they can only make the sacrifice of it. Of course, I will also be in advance to the customer that this is really no way to know the way. Because the number of this kind of cigarette is really limited, when we go to the goods, the company is also according to the situation of our goods to give us a few. So, can only take this decision. Customers to buy the cartons of Marlboro cigarettes, so will attend to not so much, had to accept the "One along with one" the way.Unexpectedly, originally let me thorny issue I actually easily be resolved, not only that, but also to promote the sale of our supermarket other cigarettes. See this scene, my heart was very happy, not only did these limits cigarettes make me angry, but gave me a surprise."Carton split box" to solve problems. Originally this cigarette no few, but customers had said: "the boss give me two cartons of Marlboro gold cigarettes......" If he heard his words, if they were sold to him, other customers would not buy it. Besides, customers also want to use this limited sales of cigarettes to drive sales of other commodities? At this time can be ahead of time that a few cigarettes apart, just put a few boxes on the counter. When the customer comes, just tell him the rest of the box. In this way, not only to retain a part of the other customers, and customers will not be angry. This thorny problem is solved. A lot of times, I have a very good effect of this approach. Sometimes I would take the opportunity to recommend to them other hot selling cigarettes, a lot of customers just nostalgia only, so it is not willing to accept the new brand. When they try to attract a few new signs, they will soon be in love with them. Gradually, they will stop staring at these limited amounts of cigarettes. See they choose a new brand of cigarettes, no longer have to worry about the problem of limited. "Under the shelf hidden" is the recipe.In some cases,you can limit the sales of cigarettes off the shelf. If you don't put them under the shelf,it's not possible not to sell them. And after the next frame, take flexible measures to deal with it. For the old customers, and new customers, take this approach, the effect is really good.Originally, Limited sales of cigarettes is a headache for me, but now it is another way. Because I used this kind of "under the shelf hidden" method, not only promoted the sales, but also won the reputation."Temporary assembly" of the dispute. That day, two old customers into the supermarket at the same time, it is the two of them have selected a limited edition of our supermarket sales of cigarettes. I went to the counter and left a box. How can this be done? Are old customers, every year they buy a lot of cigarettes in our store. Two people are my God, who can not offend. At this time, a customer said he first came, should be sold to him. Another customer said it was my first opening to buy the cigarette. How can this be done? I'm really embarrassed. Later, I picked up the box of cigarettes and opened it, and the two of them were stunned.

Limited cigarette although good, but for retailers, sometimes have a lot of trouble, now see these methods, you are not feel very practical,if you still want to buy cheaper Marlboro gold cigarettes. In our online shop will buy many kinds of cheap Marlboro cigarettes online and save a lot of money, which is a beneficial and harmless thing, come fast to see it.

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