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Have you ever seen a driver smoke cheap cigarettes at the edge o

In China during the Spring Festival, the most important thing is security, because a lot of traffic in the population, the most prone to a number of accidents, therefore, whether it is a passenger or the driver should be paid great attention to safety, but sometimes will be some very worrying thing about smoking Wholesale Cigarettes.

In January 26, 2016, such a worrying thing happened. A bus full of passengers on a non-regular gas stations, but the bus driver in the refueling time, even from his pocket and pulled out a Newport 100s cigarettes and lit drawn up. This scene is a passenger car just saw, immediately post requires long-distance transportation companies manage this terrible phenomenon. We all know that diesel is flammable, if the refueling time, next to smoking Cheap Newport cigarettes will be very easy to cause an explosion, which is very dangerous act, but this is basic common sense, as a driver should know. But the driver actually did, there may be inadvertent, and sometimes can not help but want to smoke, but the low-level errors can no longer appear a second time. For such acts endanger the safety of the passengers, they should be severely punished. Although, according to the reporter learned that the fact that the gas station is the result of informal permissible because during the spring, in order to facilitate the travel of the vehicle, a temporary increase in the number of gas stations, but the smoking behavior of the driver is sure to punish, therefore, The driver was fined for 200 yuan, and informed criticism and education.

Some people may think that this punishment is too light, but, in the absence of serious consequences of the premise, the punishment is generally not very heavy, this is China's legal system. Although only a small punishment, but also let the driver in the future pay more attention to their own behavior, also let other drivers know, the most simple error can cause unintended consequences, this is very terrible. After this thing, also shows that the point, network is a tremendous force, in life have any incorrect behavior in a timely manner broke out, to give you a heads up, also urged more strict demands on themselves, can also be more cautious. We do not because a little small mistake brought huge losses,work carefully and seriously is not wrong, at the same time as a driver, strict training is very necessary, because he holds the vehicle of human life, which is a great mission, more can't have any mistakes. And we can supervise each other, to better do their own work. Finally, smoking Newport Cigarettes online is not good, not good for the body, but also easy to cause fire, quit smoking is the way out.

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